Our stepping stones include free Clothing, Personal Care Items, Household Goods, or Furniture for the homeless family moving into an apartment, retired couple stretching their budget, a battered wife & kids fleeing to a safe house or working parents trying to reach sustainability.

650 Families Visit Us Each Month
Champions connect through Joseph’s Coat to share our common cause by serving our neighbor, recycling resources and donating money.
Recycle Resources
Champions recycle their resources through Joseph’s Coat to offer those in-need a warm winter coat, a bed with a sheets to sleep between, or a toothbrush & toothpaste for better health.
Champions donated 106,447 items that were distributed to our neighbors in 2016.
Serve Our Neighbor
Offer your unique gifts to our common cause. Volunteer outside our normal store hours. You can also volunteer at Joseph’s Coat or at home.
In 2016 our volunteers recorded 12,563 on-site hours. They served the equivalent of to 6.25 full-time staff positions.
Your financial support allows us to maintain our connection between champions that share our cause  and neighbors in-need. Your support keeps our store open and trucks on the road.
In 2016, $131,423 was contributed allowing $818,015 in donated in-kind goods (thrift store value) to be distributed to our neighbors in our community. In other words, for each $1 contributed to Joseph's Coat, $6.22 in goods were distributed to our clients.
$1 contributed to Joseph’s Coat allowed us to distribute $6.22 in donated items (thrift store value) to our clients in 2016.

What We Do

Joseph’s Coat answers God’s call to love and serve our neighbor  

Working together, we offer stepping stones that provide the opportunity for a person struggling with material poverty to achieve self-sufficiency; empowering them to live the life they were meant to live. Our stepping stones are our clothing, furniture, household goods and personal care product, available to those in our community that are in need.

We work with partners and champions that share our common cause, building a path of stepping stones to self-sufficiency for our neighbors in need. Our stepping stones are just one part of a path our neighbors are traveling. Together we work to build and maintain a path that leads families to sustainability.

$5088 per month = 61,056 per year

The University of Washington conducted a self-sustainability study in 2015 for a family of four needed to cover basic needs. The study found that Washington families with two adults, a preschooler and a school-aged child saw the costs of meeting their most basic requirements jump as much as 72 percent between 2001 and 2014, depending on where they live. But median wages increased just 21 percent during that time.

The majority of the families that visit Joseph’s Coat are experiencing a difficult season in their life. They may have lost a job, had an illness or unexpected major expense set them back.

Between 2012 and 2016, 4 out of 5 of our client families (4194 families) visited Joseph’s Coat 5 times our less. Our stepping stones provide support along the path to return to self-sufficiency.

3 out of 10 people have been identified as living in a low income household in Central Ohio. (source: Benchmarking Central Ohio 2016 by The Columbus Foundation.)

Family of 4 monthly sustainability income: $5088 100%
4 out of 5 families visit Joseph's Coat 5 times or less 82%
Low-Income 30.4%

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