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We understand there are seasons in our lives when we need stepping stones of support as we travel on our life path.

Joseph’s Coat provides stepping stones of free clothing, shoes, household goods, furniture, and personal care items to families and individuals that are in need. If you are experiencing a difficult season, we invited to shop at Joseph’s Coat and receive items at no cost to you. We do not limit the number of times you shop but there are item limits.

Joseph’s Coat Membership

What you will need to sign up:

  • Head of Household:
    • A valid Ohio ID or valid Ohio Driver’s License showing your current address.
  • Family Members:
    • Each person must have identification that lists their name, address and birth date.
    • You must have legal custody of children in your family to shop for them. Bring a birth certificate or insurance card that lists name and birth date for each child when completing the application.

We offer furniture and household goods to families transitioning from homelessness or other emergency crisis to their own home.

  • Furniture and Household Goods customers
    • Are required to have a referral letter from a recognized social service, nonprofit or a church validating their need for furniture.

“Upon entering the store, I was immediately greeted by the volunteer at the front desk just like I was a customer at a boutique. I filled out some paperwork and entered the store. WOW, how could this be? FREE? What’s the catch? It was at that moment that an angel came into my life. A volunteer named Nancy, approached me and took me by the hand to shop! Nancy talked about happy things and found out a little about me and my situation. … I had tears streaming down my face but this time it was tears of joy. Nancy looked down at my feet and noticed that I had holes in my tennis shoes and she said she would be right back. To my surprise, that angel Nancy brought me a pair of brand new tennis shoes and they fit perfect! … I knew the message God was sending to me, a new pair of shoes to help me walk down a new path in my life.”
Donations of good, clean gently used or new clothing; coats | boots | childrens | juniors | accessories.
Personal Care
NEW Shampoo & Conditioner | Lotion | Combs & Hairbrushes | Soap | Toothpaste & Toothbrush – adult & children’s | Deodorant  | Razors & Shaving Cream
Furniture that is clean and in good to excellent working condition is what we are looking for to provide to families moving into a small basic apartment.
Household Goods
Many families need household goods; items that are clean and in good to excellent condition –  dishes | linens |small appliances | glasses | pots & pans,
The common theme with each category – we accept clean, gently used items in good working condition. It should be good enough to give to your mother. Click on the following link for a more complete listing of what we accept.

Joseph’s Coat: Donations We Accept (pdf )

Contact Us

Joseph’s Coat of Central Ohio, Inc
240 Outerbelt St. Suite 5
Columbus, OH 43213


Store Hours

Tue   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wed  9:00 am – noon

Thu   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sat    9:00 am – noon

“Things that go wrong can shape us or scar us. I’ve had some things go well in my life and some things not go so well, just like you. More have gone well than have gone poorly, but I’m not keeping score because I have a different way I measure those things now. God finds us in our failures and our successes, and He says that while we used to think one way about things, now He wants us to think another way about those same things. And for me, I’ve realized that I used to be afraid of failing at the things that really mattered to me, but now I’m more afraid of succeeding at things that don’t matter.” –Bob Goff