173 years ago, Charles Dickens published A Christmas Carol featuring a bitter a_christmas_carol-title_page-first_edition_1843Ebenezer Scrooge. Three Ghosts of Christmas offered a him a mirror, reflecting turning points in Scrooge’s life. Viewing his life with new eyes,  Scrooge was transformed from a self-centered miser to a kind and generous man offering good will toward all.

Maybe you have experienced a Scrooge season during your own life.  I have. Several years ago, my own Ghosts of Christmas pulled the scales off my eyes allowing me to reflect on turning points in my own life.

In college, I was an idealist with a big dream. My dream was to design energy efficient affordable housing for poor families. All started well with my first job at Owens-Corning where I worked on a team designing energy efficient walls, windows and doors. Then, life happened. First Hanna was born and then Tyler. Shortly afterwards, Owens-Corning received a hostile takeover offer. I lost my job in the restructuring of the company.. My dream faded.

Over the next fifteen years, I focused inward on the American Dream; earning a living to support my family, raising my children, owning a home in a good neighborhood, and accumulating things.

9/11 shook me out of my self-centered world. I served on my first mission trip to New York City one month after the World Trade Center towers were brought down. My vision began to see our broader community outside my family; a world that I had big dreams about 20 years earlier.

Since that fateful day, I have served through non-profits on many mission trips in many cities; learning, failing, and growing. Two years ago, a voice whispered in my ear, “Quit wandering. Serve here, in our community!” Today, I am grateful to be a servant leader supporting Joseph’s Coat’s cause; offering stepping stones to self-sufficiency.

Joseph’s Coat is a vehicle that allows champions to live out Dickens’ message of offering good will toward all. Working with others that share a common cause through Joseph’s Coat, you, me and many others provide good will toward all in our community. I thank God for blessing Joseph’s Coat with all our champions that volunteer their time and recycle their resources through Joseph’s Coat.

“And so, as Tiny Tim observed, God bless Us, Every One!”

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Whether your gift is $10 or $10,000, thank you for connecting through Joseph’s Coat to offer good will toward our neighbors.

Merry Christmas to All,

Wes Legg
Executive Director

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