In the broad definition, poverty is the lack of something. Each of us are imperfect, we are lacking in some area of our life. We may have relational poverty, financial poverty, spiritual poverty, physical poverty, mental poverty, poverty of a mentor or parental figure.

As we grow older our physical poverty has increases. We cannot do as much as we used to. Wealthy people shut themselves off from others (relational poverty) because others perceive the wealthy as potential bank. Our materialistic society has replaced God with money, creating spiritual poverty. Many materially poor have stronger spiritual capital than people that serve them.

High wage blue collar jobs have been disappearing and most have not been due to jobs travelling overseas. Today, many in our community are struggling with material poverty because the external environment has changed. Technology, the economy, regulations and the environment can all be causes of material poverty.  Advances in technology has replaced many factory and office jobs. Environmental regulations have eliminated mining jobs. Our economy may be strong in major cities while leaving small towns behind.

We have a conundrum in the job market. High wage jobs requiring special skills remain unfilled while people with obsolete skills remain in low paying service industry jobs. In Central Ohio, jobs in the strong distribution and logistic fields are going unfilled because they are not on mass transit lines.


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