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Clothing, Furniture, Household Goods & Personal Care Products

Are you struggling through a difficult season? 

Joseph’s Coat offers free clothing, shoes, personal care products, & household goods to families struggling during a difficult season. You are invited to sign up for a Joseph’s Coat Membership to shop at our facility. Furniture requests require a Joseph’s Coat membership and verification of furniture need by social service organization or religious organization.  

See below for more information. 

Sign-Up for Membership  

(Download Form, Save, Fill Out Form, Save to computer, Primary family member brings Form to Joseph’s Coat.)

download Joseph’s Coat  Membership Request Form

Bring your completed family membership form & I.D.s for verification during store hours. 

  • List household members for whom you will be shopping, including yourself.
  • Bring to Joseph’s Coat the completed form along with ID verification for each person in your family to be registered.
    • For Adults: Government issued ID.
    • For each child listed: birth certificate as I.D.
    • You must have legal custody of all children listed.

I.D. verification is required. If a family member has not been verified, they cannot shop and you cannot shop for them.

Need I.D.? click here for resources

Store Hours:

6:00 – 8:00 pm Tuesday & Thursday

9:00 am – noon Wednesday & Saturday


 In order to balance our supply of items with the demand from families, we limit the amount of what each family receives. Some limits reset monthly (clothing), some limits reset quarterly (personal care products) and some limits are one-time (household goods and furniture).

Our inventory frequently changes. There may be times when we do not have the item you seek. We depend on donations from champions that share our cause. We cannot predict what and when we receive donations for our programs.

Furniture Request

We are accepting furniture requests and assessments.  

Beginning Feb 5, we will only fill appointments 4 weeks out.

We found that the further out the appointment, the greater chance the family does not show for their appointment for many reasons: they forgot, they found furniture from another source, they were unable to get a truck or their circumstances had changed.

When a family cancels at least 24 hours before their appointment, we can find another family to use their appointment time slot. 

Thank you for your patience as we continue our work toward improving the furniture process. 

Furniture Requests & Assessment

Joseph’s Coat offers free furniture to families struggling during a difficult season. To qualify, you will need a social service organization or religious organization to verify that your family needs furniture with an in-home visit.

Before you receive furniture you must be a member of Joseph’s Coat.

For membership information, see above.

You will need to meet with your case worker or sponsor and complete the Furniture Request & Assessment Form. The case worker or sponsor must verify your need with an in-home visit.

(Case-worker downloads fillable form. ‘Save’ to computer. Fills out form. ‘Save As’. Emails form.)

download Joseph’s Coat Furniture Request & Assessment Form

After completing the form, email it to us. Email instructions are on the form.

Joseph’s Coat will review your request. After review, you will be called to discuss your request and to set up an appointment date to select and pick-up your furniture. Joseph’s Coat does not deliver furniture.

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Joseph’s Coat of Central Ohio
240 Outerbelt St. Suite 5
(Furniture Pickup: Loading Dock 6 in Rear)
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Store Hours

Tue   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Wed  9:00 am – noon

Thu   6:00 pm – 8:00 pm

Sat    9:00 am – noon